Recommended Documentaries

Recommended Documentaries Recommended Documentaries

Here are some documentaries we recommend for raising your awareness of the issues facing the environment and animals. Most of them can be watched online either on youtube, Netflix or on their own website, simply google them and you will be able to find them fairly easy.

Cowspiracy – This is an extremely important one to watch showing the effects animal agriculture is having on our planet.

Earthlings – This is fairly graphic, but is important to see the different ways humans exploit and use animals.

Lucent – This is all footage from factory farms in Australia. It is a must watch to know to see how animals are treated in the production of meat in Australia.

Forks over Knives – This is a fantastic documentary showing health implications on eating animal products and why adopting a plant based diet will help you live a long and healthy life.

Speciesism – This documentary looks at our attitudes towards different species

A plastic Ocean – Plastics have become a huge problem for our oceans, this is a great documentary showing what is happening

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