Adopting A Plant Based Diet

Adopting A Plant Based Diet Adopting A Plant Based Diet

Adopting a plant based, cruelty free diet is the best thing you can do for the environment, your health and to stop paying for animal cruelty.

Here is a website we recommend to give you all the tools you need to transition to this new diet:

Here are a few reasons

For the environment

  • Use only 18 times less land to feed yourself.
  • To produce 1KG meat can take over 8kg food to produce.
  • 91% of all land clearing is due to agriculture.
  • Livestock or livestock feed occupies 1/3 of the earth’s ice-free land.
  • 70 Billion farm animals worldwide.
  • Livestock and their by-products account 51% of all worldwide greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Animal agriculture is the leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones, water pollution, and habitat destruction.

For the Animals

  • You will save the lives of 96 animals every year
  • You will no longer have to decide which animals you love and which ones are food
  • You will no longer be paying someone else

For your health

  • Significantly reduces your risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and cancer
  • Have more energy

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