Using an adventure day to increase membership sales

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Any business that is based on memberships such as a Gym, Martial Arts club, University club and other social groups will always be looking for ways to increase overall memberships. Doing some sort of an event, like an outdoor adventure day can play a big part in helping with this.  

Increase membership sales

One way of doing this could be to have you members bring a friend and have a very positive and fun experience with your club. You will also have the opportunity to collect their details which you can then send them an offer later on.

By offering different events you will stand out from the crowd and show new members you offer more than all other gyms or clubs in the area.

Membership Retention

A lot of people join social clubs to make new friends, by offering some sort of different event where members get to have a fun experience together, they will make new friends and be more likely to stay a member. It will also create more of a community feel within the club, even if they don’t come along on the day it will get your members talking.

Marketing Material / Branding

Obviously, you will want to take a number of photos on one of these types of days. These photos can then be used for marketing material for your website and brochures to promote the club.

Good Will

Putting on an event for members will show members that you are doing things over and above what members expect which will creating loyalty within your members.

It shows your members they are not just paying a membership fee to do one particular activity, they are buying into a community where they will get to meet new friends and have a lot of fun.

It is also just a fun thing to do with your members and staff that will give your members a positive with your club. 

Darren Collins
General Manager
Adventure Hub / Conservation Hub

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